Health Management

We have hearty Health Management at our premises. All workers are tested by qualified healthcare specialists regularly. We also possess an occupation health unit and Medical aid team that will respond in all emergency and general conditions. We likewise have a rescue vehicle that can take wounded individual to the close-by clinic. Besides, we embrace health emergency drill for mindfulness.

Safety Management

  • Individual Defensive Gear: We give the laborers tested PPEs to forestall any harm or damage that can be imposed during different work procedures. 
  • Labeling and Stamping: We mark all vessel areas indicating details that are protected for passage and are restricted to enter without any approval. 
  • Crisis Response Unit Over the Vessel: We keep a first aid kit over the vessel on backup to guarantee that any crisis condition is managed in the quickest and securer way with no kind of losses. 
  • Safe Work Procedures: We follow safe working methods to keep up a mishap-free work environment and keep our workers from harm. 
    • COLD WORK: Places where heated work is not permitted cold work, is given following legit methodology. In cool work license, spark resistors are utilized. 
    • WORKING IN LIMITED SPACE: Prior to working and entering in limited spaces, appropriate ventilation is created for air flow. Security employees investigate for existence of any toxic or flammable gases in these areas with the assistance of gas identifiers. He gives affirmed mounts to laborers when operational in these areas. 
    • HOT WORK: When heated work is needed, legit security safeguards are handled by safety officers. He guarantees that fire pump, fire extinguishers, sand, and water bucket are set nearby for treatment of fire crisis. 
    • WORKING AT HEIGHT: In a vessel, most work is carried out at some height. Wellbeing Official issues working at stature license to laborers subsequent to having a tool stash meeting and giving them related defensive supplies like seat strap, bridle, fall back arrestor and so forth. 
    • BARRICATION: We blockade the open vessel end areas to keep it mishap-free. 
  • Crisis Evacuation Pathway: We have denoted the crisis clearing pathway to guarantee consistent and quick departure to the assembly area amid any crisis conditions. 

Practices Amid Debunking

We adhere to a protected oil removal or debunking technique to prevent any safety and health damage alongside environmental damage.


  • Toxic Material Management: Stock of toxic material report is set up by Class Ensured equipped agency. All toxic materials are distinguished according to MEPC standards before vessel dismantling. Our facility possesses organized techniques for treatment of every risky material that is carefully trailed by the HSE Group. 
  • Recuperation of Ozone Depletion Substances (ODS): ODS are those agents that exhaust the ozone membrane and are generally utilized in air conditioners, ship insulation, coolers, fire extinguishers, cleaning solvents, agricultural fumigants, dry cleaning solvents, and electronic equipment. ODS recuperation is performed by our chosen sub-contractual workers preceding destroying to limit spillages dangers. 
  • Anticipation of Oil Leakage: We possess created impermeable surface for cleaning of sleek blocks, oil debunking area, and oily machines storage. If there should be an occurrence of oil leakage crisis, we possess an in-house crisis team that can forestall the oil leakage with a rescue boat and oil spill kit. 
  • Slag Accumulation: We utilize Auto-slag accumulators amid slicing to forestall any slag leakage into the oceans or the intertidal zone.
  • Blocks Lifting: Every vessel block is lifted with industrial cranes to prevent any water or Intertidal Zone pollution. It is legitimately moved to Impermeable surface for cutting. 
  • Ecological Monitoring: We possess a powerful environmental controlling plant to check all grounds, for example, clamor pollution, encompassing air contamination, sea water pollution, soil sullying, drinking water to hold them under check and consistent to the green recycling norms. Environment controlling assists us to test the pollution level with relations to previous information. It is utilized for viability appraisal of the ship recycling program. 
  • Effluent System: We likewise have a compelling effluent system at our premises that accumulates stray or rainy water in the assigned tanks to forestall it to run-off towards the intertidal area. 
  • Cleaning of intertidal Area: Twice in a day, after and before high tides, our employees clean the garbage or any unfamiliar contaminants from Intertidal area. 

Skill Development of Workers


  • Training: All specialists and staff connected with our yard need to go through a mandatory enlistment training program planned by the HSE group following HKC standards. We are bestowing training through general media and reference booklet. The preparation program empowers them to securely attempt all activities that they are entrusted to do and guarantees that every worker at the yard is altogether trained. 
  • Mock Drills: Mock Drills are done according to design. These are picked, arranged, directed and assessed by HSE division. Members are chosen by the HSE unit relying on the sort of drill. Mock Drills like clearing of vessel or yard that influence all workers are carried out by all sub-contracted specialists and representatives. 
  • PPE for laborers: We give our laborers certified and tested PPEs to forestall any harm that can be caused amid different work procedures.

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